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In reference to DNA-code which is delivered in the seminal medium
Sheila gives great head -- I like to shoot my code on her face.
by Charlie Golf March 10, 2004
A fart that you smell IMMEDIATELY after it leaves your ass.
I was just getting out of my car when some instant ass escaped my cornhole. I couldn't get out before it scorched my nosehairs!
by Charlie Golf January 17, 2007
When an adult flips out, behaviorly speaking, over something relatively insignificant.

An adult tantrum.
The stewardess just told Jon our flight was going to arrive 1 minute later than scheduled. Now he's throwing his peanuts at her and cussing up a storm. He always throws a noreltny like this for the smallest things. I hope the Air Marshalls don't bust a cap in his ass for being "that guy."
by Charlie Golf June 21, 2007
VLF = Vaginal Lubrication Factor

A rating system to describe the lubrication of one's vagina.

10 = Super Wet
1 = Uncomfortably Dry
Jenn's VLF was an easy 10! She calls herself the "Sexual Slip-n-Slide!

"Baby, my VLF is down to about 1. Can you grab the Astroglide so we can get busy?"
by Charlie Golf March 21, 2007
When someone (male or female) has a physique so awesome some might say it is "kickin'" like they do in Karate. Pronounced quickly as "Karate Botty."
Damn. Have you seen that chick from the Transformer movie Megan Fox? She has a serious Karate Body.
by Charlie Golf October 22, 2008
Female lingo for masturbating with a battery-powered vibrator.
All these yummy guys at the bar have got my juices flowing but none of them are hitting on me. I'll probably have to go home and get my buzz on.
by Charlie Golf October 01, 2007
When you're constipated so badly that you have to reach out for leverage on the handi-tard bar and shit to press that thing out.
My legs were already asleep before I went into the full court press. All I got was some scrogglings
by Charlie Golf April 21, 2004

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