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3 definitions by CharlesxXx

Too Close For Comfort. Commonly used when someone is standing too close to you or is touching you unnecessarily.
Girl 1: I saw Mark today. He kept coming up to me randomly & hugging me & touching my arm.
Girl 2: Ew TCFC!
by CharlesxXx August 26, 2007
Fantastic & Delicious put together. Said like Fan-Tay-Shious. Used when something is delicious & fantastic or use with sarcasm to say something disgusting is delicious or in response to something you didn't need to know.
-Fuck my balls itch.
-Fantacious. I so wanted to know that.
by CharlesxXx August 26, 2007
Used to describe frustration via msn, aim, email, txt ect ect. If said in conversation, pronounced: 'Fuh-jik-uh' ;;
Julie: Omfg my computer keeps freezing up!
Bob: Mine too!
Julie: Fghjkhh!
by CharlesxXx September 01, 2007