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1. A synonym for "rapist"
2. A closet homosexual who feels the need to impress other closet homosexuals by being a faggot and raping drunk girls
3. One who lacks the ability to think and/or act without following a crowd.
Hey, don't be a fratboy, stop raping my sister.

Hey is that an Abercrombie shirt? And hair gel? What are you, a fratboy?

Hey let's go be fratboys and sodomize eachoter.
by Charles Favroth February 19, 2003
1. One who farts from the vagina.
2. A lame individual.
Emo kids are a bunch of quiefers.
by Charles Favroth February 19, 2003
1. One who is marked by a considerable amount of knowledge and reasoning ability.
2. A legendary Starsiege: Tribes player and charmer of young females.
3. A garden tool used primarily for digging.
That studious boy is studying so he can become an Enlightened One.
by Charles Favroth February 19, 2003

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