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Also known as Direct X, Microsoft's universal windows graphic, audio, gaming perphiperial communications interface. It is known for its declining stability after more games are installed, since many game developers expect that their product is the only thing you'll have on your computer, and thus, would make changes in your system settings to "optimize" gameplay performance.
I have installed a MUD Client, Need for Speed III, Starcraft, CounterStrike, Tibia, TerraWorld, and two different console emulators, but after installing the beta client of Guild Wars, while loading the game, it crashes back to desktop with a illegal operation error in "ddhelp".
by Chang Tan October 29, 2004
A super-secret technique, executed with precision only by the Admins of Counter-Strike.

Its more of a ban, if you fit a stereotype/demographic/label that the admin does not like, your as they say it, kickbanned.
Player has joined the game

Admin: "OMGz! N00b! BAN!"

Sysop has disconnected Player from the game

Player(1) has joined the game
Player(2) has joined the game
AryanPride has joined the game
WhiteLiekTehMastahRace has joined the game
Shotgunner Sam has joined the game

Admin: "Omgz!"

Sysop has disconnected Player(1) from the game
Sysop has disconnected Player(2) from the game
Sysop has disconnected Shotgunner Sam from the game

TotallyOfTehHizzles! has joined the game

Admin: "Out of my game nigger gay-assed fagg0t!"

Sysop has disconnected TotallyOfTehHizzles! from the game
by Chang Tan December 21, 2004
Asian guy who hates his own race, his family, his culture, and especially himself.

He yearns for surgical treatments to change his eyelid shape, and uses dyes to change his skin and hair coloration. Blue eyed pupils and natural blond hair are widely desired, but futile in effort (Dr Mengele experimented with changing pupil coloration by injecting ink with fatal results).

His greatest dream is complete genetic modifcation, cleansing himself of his hereditary curse so that he may produce more children embracing wonderous western customs.

Note that the banana (preferred over the less macho Twinkie), would never touch or own anything Asian. For it he had control of his well-earned money (his family would often shake every cent out of him before he can spend it), he would buy domestic products: American made Hummer H1, Ford/Dodge/Chevy trucks (preferably Cummins/Duramax Diesel engine), and order rectangular pizza over the phone, with the sauces and toppings arranged in a way that it resembles the American flag.
Chang Tan - Western enthusiast, and a figure of anti-Asian traditions.
by Chang Tan July 10, 2005
Brief history:
-America goes to war under false accusations against Iraq, Iran, and North Korea. During the judgement day of attack, protesters gather on the streets, its like the watergate incident, people got arrested. Did they get out of jail after the war? We don't know.
I said Dubya sucks, then a patriotic police officer punched me, and now i;m behind bars and nobody remembers me to get me out.
by Chang Tan October 26, 2003
A slang in Californian terms for:

1. Wait for your victim to dissapear from the classroom.
2. Empty their bookbag.
3. Turn the bag inside out.
4. Refill and zip the bag, maybe even stuffing trash inside it too.
5. Put it back to its ORIGINAL place in its EXACT position.
6. Blame it on someone sitting far away from you.
7. Watch the fists go flying.
I got flipped at least 8 times, and knocked unconcious 8 times too!
by Chang Tan December 31, 2003
A society that is proposed by Carl Marx, promptly before the authories killed him. Basically the utopia is a perfect place where there is no rich and poor and everything is abundant, it comes from capitalism.
The Russians skipped the capatalism part, formed the Soviet Union, and killed anyone who opposed their "utopia".
by Chang Tan October 26, 2003
Supposeably a "candy". Its colored in patterns of white, orange, and black, and it looks identical to those door-stopping wedges. Although the candy has been served for.... fuck, I don't know, decades? Still its also known as one of the most horribly tasting, and ignored treats, of all time!
Even comedians said it, "Hmmm, candy corn? *eats and makes a negative facial emotion* IT TASTES LIKE CRAP! *crowd bursts into laughter, clap clap clap*"

And this isn't some young upstart, this is a old guy, which further proves that candy corn is a salty-fatty tasting orange enigma that lived for decades.
by Chang Tan October 31, 2003

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