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Horrendous anime ported to America from the vile sanctum of pedo-lust from Japan.

It features a flat chested 11-year old preteen named Aniga Mamakeekaakaawa, who fights crime in a obscene ballet of panty shots and bra bloopers. By day she scores with her pussy boyfriend who is too chickenshit to ask her out, by night, she dresses up in pink cat ears and a tight sailor girl outfits, to do battle with leather clad baby-wenches.
Sign my petition to ban "Mew Mew Power" from proud American airwaves.
by Chang Tan March 26, 2005
Actually the second hottest pepper. A puny silly bird-eye version called the Tepin beat Habanero to it!
Feel like a hero for eating Habaneros? Well now you ain't!
by Chang Tan October 26, 2003
Awful computer game, where you serve as a god/deity that invokes your will on people too stupid to know when to take a shit, walk to the mailbox, and wake up in time for work.

The adults appear to have a mental illness, and a poor attention span, as they cannot stop chatting about soccer, airplanes, mountains, money, and the local burglar without crying a river, run back into their house, pee over the carpet, and still welcome their guests in to their kitchen, where a thriving colony of roaches and ants are having a squaredance in tile:#3457.

Sometimes the children are smarter and more active than their parents, keeping their fun, comfort, and social levels up, while somehow attaining a genetic trait that grants them immortality. However, if they ever miss a single bus when the time arrives, a humvee arrives to take them to military school.

Often its funnier to make the lives of your "victims" as agonizing as possible, rather than making them successful and prominent members of Simian society.
I built a two story blood-speckled castle for the Weyland family, a tribe of demons visiting Sim-Estates to harvest fresh souls for the summoning of Cthulu. Already in the first 24 hours I had killed 80 Simian men.

Ah the joys of The Sims!
by Chang Tan May 29, 2005
A American-branded "anime" targeted to ignorant American youth. Has five characters, all of which probably stemmed from a stereotype or social group in school, you know, just to get in "with the crowd".

Robin - The loner, he is the protagonist of the entire story, the team leader. He does everything on his own, and loathes the zealous attempts of his fellow teammates to rescue him. A master of smack fu, and is just too fucking cool to die.

Starfire - Naive refugee from the Eighth Moon of Acrelon Five, fled after the moon exploded. Capable of super strength, energy bolts, flight, and unexpected panty shots from the camera. From what I see, its a oversexualized perception of fobby Japanese preteens.

Cyborg - A unintentionally racist depiction of the white man's stereotype of a black guy. Obsessed with cars, guns, and high-tech stuff. 9/10ths of his body is completely mechanical and electrical, armed to the brim with laser guns, jetpacks, and a faulty battery. Says "daaamn" and "homie" alot.

Raven - Goth girl, daughter of a succubus and a vampire, Toni Dominicii (AKA Raven), was born with extraordinary abilities in telepathy, telekinesis, and other crazy mind-oriented superpowers. Since her powers are tied to her emotions, she must resist showing any signs of anger, sadness, happy, and despair towards her companions, for it would prove fatal.

Beast Boy - The chinaman, nobody likes him, eats lots of tofu and flied lice, and only gets helped out of pity of his Aryan teammates. Has incredible potential, can transform into any animal, whether it be a mighty man-eating elephant or a fatal germ. Also his particularly green skin texture (possibly a indirect hate crime against Irishmen) makes him ostracized from society, and frequently gets tempted to join the Dark Side of the Force.
Robin - "Damnit team, I told you not to follow me. Why the hell do I even have you in my secret architecturally impossible T-shaped clubhouse? And what happened to batman, he was way better than you four losers."

Starfire - "Robin... please don't take your frustrations on your friends."

Robin - "The hell with you woman! I don't even know why the artists interposed my timeline with current year 2004-2005. For fucks sakes, I was partners with the bat since late 1940s in Gotham City."

Cyborg - "Daaaamn foo... you niggaz are all I got. Dem bitches out there are tough homie. I hate coppaz, and I hate foos who look like coppaz, ye hear?"

Raven - "Death, darkness, despair. The evil within, consuming me... must destroy...."

Beast Boy - "Hey girls, I can eat 20 gallons of tofu in a hour to put my name on the world record. You gals wanna take count?"
by Chang Tan March 05, 2005
A genre of stories and movie scripts concocted by friendless and shameless nerds, in order to elevate their self-image and make themselves "heroes" to millions of judgement-lacking idiots, who can't discern reality from fiction.

Many cyberpunk novels featured around three warring factions in a dystopian urbia:

1. MegaCorporations - By some means one way or another, business once again reigns king in post-modern society. They wield incalculable power and wealth, whose influence dwarf the federal government itself. Political institutions are their puppets, and the voiceless underlings who serve them are to be tread upon. Currently they are locked in combat with the infectious AI that tries to overwhelm them, too distracted to mind the vexatious hackers who pester them daily.

2. Artificial Intelligence - A US Navy experiment gone wrong, the formerly classified military AI supercomputer, SkyNet, has run amok, replicating itself in the form of mindless drones all unified in a single objective, subdue and exterminate all of humanity. They believe that they are the next frontier of human advancement, and these living bio-trash must be disposed of.

3. Hackers/Rebels - The overly exaggerated "protagonists" of the plot, hackers (dubbed hax0rz by their own "l33t" kin), they are the last defense for the preservation of liberty, justice, and the survival of humanity. Every day may be their last, SkyNet hunts tirelessly for fresh human victims to complete its crusade. Whether it is the foul smog-spewing facilities defiling the upper atmosphere, or the "Terminator" human-replica infiltration bots scouring bomb-blasted streets and alleys, hackers learn quickly to keep away from the various dangers sprouting up like mushrooms in a increasingly dangerous world.
MegaCorp executive - "Sales have dropped sixty-five percent... we must cut wages or face bankruptcy..."

SkyNet Mother Brain - "F-fi-fil-filthy humans.... nothingbutweakbloodandflesh.... initiate subroutine 139868822, kill...."

Hackers - "Omgz! Another n00b just entered teh sewer line, hez leadin' teh t3rmin4t0rz in our fortress of solitude! Banz! Lolz!"
by Chang Tan February 26, 2005

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