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A get drunk quick game. Based on rules and consciounces of drawing a card

First you need a deck of cards. Once you have them you spread them in to a circle Around a decent size glass with everyone sitting around them.

Card values(may very depending on how other people play it):

Ace- Is waterfall (All players begin to drink at the same time. It goes clockwise around the circle where the player next to the card-chooser cannot stop until the chooser does, and the 3rd player cannot stop until the 2nd one does, and so it goes around the circle until everyone is done.)

2- is for you (card holder must pick someone to take a drink.

3- is for me (card holder must drink)

4- is for thumb (last person to put there thumb on the table has to drink)

5- Is for guys (All the guys at the table have to take a drink)

6- is for chicks ( all the girls at the table have to take a drink)

7- is raise your hands to heaven. (last person to raise there hand has to drink)

8- is for mate (The person who picks the card gets to choose someone to drink with them)

9- Rhyme (The player must pick a word/phrase, and, going clockwise around the circle, all players must think of a rhyme with the word/phrase. The player to mess up the rhyme drinks. The starting word must not be rhymeless)

10- is for catagories (The person who picks up the card calls out a category such as "car makes" or "Family Guy characters" and then starts with the first example of something from that category. No example can be repeated and the first person to fail to come up with another example drinks)

Joker- Rule - (The player must choose a rule to be in effect for the rest of the game. If any player breaks a rule, he/she must drink. In most games, the rules become void while involved in game related activity)

Queen- Buffalo (When this rule is in effect all players must drink with their left hand only. If a player gets caught drinking with their right hand, anyone may call "Buffalo" on them and they have to finish their drink.)

King- King's Cup (The player may pour a decent amount of whatever he/she is drinking into the "king cup" located in the center of the table. When the last (4th) king is chosen, the chooser has to chug the king cup.)

Drink much.


well now ur gonna.

(ring of fire)
by Chanceistheshiz September 12, 2008

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