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A person who is lactose intolerant, but who continues to eat dairy as though they're not.
P1: whoa!! What is that putrid smell? Don't you smell that?
P2: yeah, sorry my stomach is doing weird things from that big glass of whole milk I had.
P1: what the heck, aren't you lactose intolerant?
P2: yeah, sorry.
P1: lactard.
by oddlyintriguing September 29, 2013
a person who is lactose intolerant
"Babu do you want to get some ice cream?" "Sorry Jasminda, I cant eat ice cream - Im a lactard."
by Babu May 19, 2003
A derogatory term for one who is lactose intolerant combining the word retard with 'lactose'.
Person 1: "Uh, why is that girl drinking soymilk?"
Person 2: "Because she's a LACTARD".
Person 1: "HA HA!"
by lila_pause September 03, 2006
Someone is unable to drink milk and suffers from lactose intolerence
"Meg, just take a sip of this milk"
"I already told you, I can't, I'm a lactard"
by jake826 April 25, 2006
A person who cannot consume dairy products without getting terribly ill. Symptoms: extreme bloating, pain, becoming farty, and sometimes even nauseous.
"Would you like a piece of cheese cake, Chan?"
"No way Mioshi, I'm a lactard!"

"How about we serve kugels and blintzes?"
"Um, I'm pretty sure Nikki's a vegan and Padma's pretty lactarded. It's probably not a good idea. How about latkes and knishes?"
by ChanLynn January 21, 2008
one who is lactose intolerant and receives constant mocking form their friends for it. Lactard
When I eat dairy it explodes out of my ass. I am a Lactard
by halflactarded August 31, 2009
a person who is lactose intolerant; retarded when it comes to dairy.
Oh man, that ice cream made my belly hurt. I am such a lactard.
by Daisy Face April 28, 2007
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