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When you freeze a turd and use it as a dildo.
Last night,I gave my girlfriend the alaskian pipeline.
by chamelion June 27, 2006
A cheap whore or a skanky slut.
Your nothing but a cum-belching gutter slut.
by chamelion June 27, 2006
1. A bubble that forms in a womans pussy from the result of a yeast infection.
2. A great put down.
Your nothing but a yeast-infected cunt bubble.
by chamelion June 27, 2006
A two bagger is an ugly chick in which two paper bags are used. One to cover her face,..and one to cover your face incase hers falls off.
Last night, I banged this chick but she was a two bagger.
by Chamelion June 28, 2006
1. A fart that has resulted in a bubble filled with shit.
2. A put down.
Man,your nothing but a shit-filled fart bubble.
by chamelion June 27, 2006
When someone shoots a load into the crack of someones ass and then rips the feathers out of the pilow and throws the feathers into the crack.
Last night, I was pounding away on Monica and after I shot my load I gave her a tailfeather.
by chamelion June 27, 2006

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