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A girl who is fun, intelligent, beautiful, perfect in every way... except she's devoutly religious. (See butterface)
If not for the whole going to church and not eating meat on Fridays thing, Jenny would be perfect. Too bad she's a butterfaith.
by Cephiroth April 25, 2007
A phrase uttered by those who have given up on life after realizing their existence is meaningless, futile, and possibly fraudulent. Etymology: Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode "Dumber Dolls"
Happy Time Harry: Hey, wiggle jiggle, why you jiggle so much? Is it because he know deep inside you're a fraud? ... What the hell do you need night vision goggles for? You're a hillbilly!

Jiggle Billy: I don't know why I have these goggles ...
by Cephiroth May 15, 2010
Referring to an act that is morally bankrupt, inexcusable, foul, abhorrent, and possibly sociopathic.
Ex. 1 - Greg is eating kittens. He slept with a married woman ... whose husband is in Iraq.

Ex. 2 - "Eating kittens is just plain... plain wrong! And no one should do it, ever!" -The Tick
by Cephiroth March 26, 2008
The act of banishing a song from your head after it has been stuck there for days. There are two known methods of musical exorcism:

1) Listen to a recording of the song in your head
2) Begin singing "Black Betty" by Ram Jam to yourself
I wake up every morning thinking of nothing but "Just Dance" by Lady Gaga. Time to queue up Grooveshark and perform a musical exorcism.
by Cephiroth September 03, 2010

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