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Randy "The Ram" Robinson finishing move. a diving elbow drop called the Ram Jam.
you just got Ram Jam, RAM JAM, you officially been RAM JAM
by Juan Torres1 January 14, 2009
To piss oneself under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Named for the RamJam outdoor concert festival. Armed with a drug stash that would make Hunter S. Thompson blush, a young man once spent an entire day writhing around in dry grass murmuring about transcendentalism; apparently he tripped hard enough to believe his pants a suitable place for urination.
Andrew RamJammed himself, then proceeded to run around pantsless for several hours insulting everyone.
by diezpesos April 29, 2009

a ferocious jab of the penis into the anal cavity without consent.
homie 1. hey did u dig that shit out lasnight?

homie 2. not only did i dig her out, but i hokked that bitch up with a couple of Ram Jams!
by james of 6a6yl0n June 10, 2009
the act of screwing someone over
I got ramjammed when my friends bailed out on our weekend plans
by duke834 March 05, 2009
vigorous sexual intercourse, to ram and jam one's penis into another's vagina or anus

rooted in the US Virgin Islands

Deh batty boy waan ram jam deh next boy.

Hey girl, I like you. Let's ram jam all night!
by Padna Man January 14, 2004
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