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3 definitions by CeL

Well Fuck You Then!
Person 1: Hey let me borrow some money
Person 2: Hey fuck you man
Person 1: WFUT ass hole!
by CeL December 01, 2002
3 4
anything or anyone.. can be good.. can be bad... derived in 7th grade ms. deblois english class at correia jr. high school.. see also.. Boufa (hafta boufa).. as in i have to fart
Kassidi, you're one crazy ploop!
by Cel October 16, 2004
6 22
Characterizes a new type of bad music to lestin to. In other words, if you like screamo, your like everyone else and you are not orginal. You have bad taste in music.
My example is The Used, where I was introduced to this new retarded word..screamo?
by CeL March 27, 2005
13 71