4 definitions by Cassassy

meaning a combination of stubble and softness. Usually used to described previously shaved legs with small hair regrowth that is not prickly, but soft.
She had stoft legs.
by Cassassy January 07, 2008
A guy that is mediocre in looks. He is not unpleasant looking but one wouldn't want to imagine him nude.
He, who shall not be named was a medi-dude.
by Cassassy January 27, 2008
A person who turn a rather bright pinkish or red colour under certain cirumstances. These circumstances could include physical activity or immersing onesself in a hot tub. Pink people are usually natural red heads or blondes.
I discovered that my friend was a pink person when she turned bright red upon entering the hot tub.
by Cassassy March 07, 2008
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