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To give goodluck in or a cheer.
Joan: I hope tommorow's art contest.

Kim: I know you can do it, GO ^_^9!!!
by Carrotzmoonman September 09, 2007
It simply means hello o hi or a simple greeting in just one simple word. Commonly followed by three to five exclamation point. If the exclamation point is less that three it doesn't express anything or if it exceeds by five the user is overacting.
Sally: Wazawa!!!

James: Oh hellow! How were you?
by Carrotzmoonman September 09, 2007
The opposite of Awesome....
Idiot 1: Hey I just reached my elbow with my tongue

Idiot 2: Oh thats woosome....
by Carrotzmoonman September 09, 2007

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