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Sorry man but it was too good keep to myself. Anyway, men bouncer is technically dead (moved to Nottinghamshire!). However, I found a Men Bouncer II. (he has a bum bag!>snicker<)
Men Bouncer II has glasses so large, that the sunlight reflecting off them burns holes in anything he looks at. Also he doesn't wash his hair...
by Carpman September 29, 2003
Hey carpman
Half that song is my fault
you might pass some blame to me as well
by The incredibly smelly jerry September 23, 2003
Gay poncey camel fucker who goes into a frenzy and has multiple orgasms whenever the word wordcamelword is mentioned or one of the hairy beasts is sighted.
He's camel crazy,
He's camel mad.
I don't know a camel
Men Bouncer hasn't had.

He chases them across the desert
He humps them in the sand
Men's the greatest camel fucker
There is in all the land.
by Carpman June 09, 2003
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