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the nickname you give to your penis.
whats your dickname? let's think of one.
sagachunga...hmm maybe if ur asian.
morpheous..hmm that guy's black.
little my dick is big
moby...could work
whats a penis? thats jewish
steakster...sounds too delicious
megasnakehammerbulletsharkgeorge....yep thats the one.
i have to go play with megasnakehammerbulletsharkgeorge.
by CarnivorousJewSlayerSavage July 11, 2006
When one gives another person a douchey nickname. Usually used behind said person's back.
"Oh, here comes Tits McGee." "Dude, since you gave her that dick name, I can't remember her name!"
by jammin'turtles October 27, 2014
A nickname given to an individual that is a real dick, which signifies his/her true dickness.
Everyone called Andrew by his dickname "Pubes" because he had such a mondo outta control afro and was a total dick to anyone he walked past in the halls.
by B-dangle September 24, 2006
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