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When people are gettin it on!
OMG they're sexin!!!
by carly November 26, 2004
This word embodies a noun usage when one does not feel like using an objects official name due to laziness, forgetfulness, or when the individual is under any form of intoxication. The word may be repeated twice for further emphasis.
"Where's my junx at?"
"That junx is crazy!"
"You know you want this junx-junx!"
by Carly July 16, 2004
something that is absolutely ridiculous and much worse than just a bunch of shit
Having to work 17 days in a row is a bunch of cockshit.
by Carly July 02, 2003
When somefing is really good or your realy happy with somefing.
Ah thanks for the present its cushti.
by carly November 26, 2004
he's the best guy in the world and i love him to death!!!!!! he's my hun!
hot guy who cares a bunch!
by Carly May 19, 2004
'Idiot' in an affectionate way.
"You're such a t00b, but I love you anyway."
by Carly January 04, 2004
a metal/hardcore/deathmetal band from Greensboro, North Carolina
killwhitneydead, some songs include:
knife in the back, if i told you
by Carly June 19, 2006

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