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Someone who does things for the best interest in others. They only want people to like them and will do anything for it. They will also do anything that others want just to make them happy.
"John doesn't usually do anything for anybody but himself."
"Yeah, he's just a pushover when it comes to pretty girls."
#suck up #doormat #fake #popular #insecure
by Carlos Rodriguez October 30, 2007
One is considered "bent over" when they are being played, used, or stepped on. It a metaphor between when someone is used for anal sex where the person performing the sex feels extra pleasure do to the tighter orafice, yet the person receiving the sex feels nothing from it, and when someone is taking advantage of someone else for a personal gain that doesn't help the other side.
My boss totally has me bent over.
#anal sex #stepped on #used #played #bent
by Carlos Rodriguez March 01, 2008
When one is confused yet interested over a certain subject. Often following a feeling of dissoresque. The word in a mix of interested and confused but spelt with a K because that is awesome and with 2 S's because that is also awesome.
Later when I stopped caring, I was konfussted about Carolina having sex with Charlie.
#confused #interested #dissoresque #disappointed #sex
by Carlos Rodriguez March 01, 2008
When one is feeling a sense of disappointment, but it seems to be more. This person is also feeling sorrow. The feeling is often undescribable and confusing. Once understood, is later followed by a feeling called konfussted. Dissoreque is a combination of the words disappointment and sorrow. The "esque" at the end is simply added to make it sound better.
After I found out that Carolina and Charlie had had sex, i was feeling pretty dissoresque.
#disappointment #sorrow #konfussted #sadness #undescribable
by Carlos Rodriguez March 01, 2008
A gay male model from descending from a Spanish heritage.
Have you seen Enrique, the new male model for Vogue?
#gay #homo #spanish #model #male
by Carlos Rodriguez March 01, 2008
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