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2 definitions by Carcass

(sler-pea) n.
1. A tight lipped butthole sucking.

2. Popular 7/11 frozen beverage.

V. Slurped
Adj. Slurptastic

Synonyms: slurpoo

Antonyms: fellatio
"Dude, Jen gave me the best slurpee last night."
"Did you hear how many slurpees Jen sucked out last week?"
by carcass July 19, 2014
A frivolous complaint.
A fish.
A homemade harp. (crap/harp?
"I can't stand all of his carps!"
"There's a carp in the water"
"That carp made of ropes and boards sounds surprisingly good.
by Carcass July 03, 2005