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The constant and usually spontaneous twitching and slight circular motion of the toes when love is felt.
Bob: Dude! You're cringling your toes wrong!
Ben: Then how do you do it??

Bob: You gotta make sure you twitch your toes in a slight circular motion! *demonstrates* See? NOW you're doing the cringle!

Ben: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. *obnoxious laughter*
by TheWhippersnapperss April 04, 2010
The CRINGLE is when the man finishes his load on a womans chin ear to ear much like the beard of Chris Cringle (Santa) it is a seasonal finishing move.
After all that make up sex I gave that bitch a cringle! and promised a pearl necklace next time.
by Dave December 16, 2004
To squish something until you can smell the scent of it .
usually with citrus fruits :lemons , limes , oranges
Person 1 : Look ! theres lemon on the floor .
Person 2: REALLY ?
Person 1 ; HELL YEAH ! , should I cringle it ?
Person 2 : yea cringle the shit outta tht thing .
by LAGraham August 03, 2010
Someone who lives in putnam county,FL or is absolutely retarded and extremely poor ex:the cacti from mario brothers series or any crackheads,hobo's,fuktards
Ol blackie,the cringle, tryed to jack my shit so I busted a cap.
by Zac January 17, 2004

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