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5 words in that order create the ultimate environmental friendly human being...
Everyone: Go Planet.

By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet
by Captain Planet January 28, 2005
Thinks hes better than everyone else. Ego maniac, conceided and dillusional and is very paranoid of what everyone thinks of him.
Person1: Man look at that guy he thinks everyone likes him when they really dont like him
Person: What a Spase Dave
by Captain Planet June 30, 2003
to twok something is to steal, as in taking without owners consent. Dont you fucking retards know anything?
That fuckin Cunt twoked my car.
by Captain Planet February 24, 2004
The incorrent plural of virus, but it's easier to type than viruses and if you're going to bitch about it see boxen.
Linux doesn't get as many virii
by Captain Planet February 05, 2004
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