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we had a sex accident now we have f**kin twins
by Captain Klamydia February 26, 2009
The greatest hero of all time. Unfortunetly he lost his crew, the STD Brigade, in a fateful battle with the lazar dragon. He has started gathering members again and now has a SGT. Cyphilis
Captain Klamydia saved my life the other day, I can't believe he still saves people after what happend to him.
by Captain Klamydia March 03, 2009
A person with the ability to fart with his pinky toe and left nostril. Usually claimed to be pregnant although reports are unsubstantiated about this factor. These people can be captured with an invisible net and require a bait usually of the pornographic variety, a dvd player of 2girls1cup is usually most effective when capturing it.
I was out in the field the other day an caught a Fug the Pug, real nasty one too, nearly bit me.
by Captain Klamydia July 16, 2009
to have vaginal muscles so powerful they are able to break an object in half.

Synonym: vaginate
Aly vagificated her metal button splitting it in half
by Captain Klamydia March 02, 2009
a redhead's vagina
Dude, I fell into her ring of fire last night. It was awesome.
by Captain Klamydia January 26, 2009
When the male penis starts to suck in whatever is around instead excreating sperm, it can eventually cause the penis to implode on itself such as a dying star
I better get to the doc's office because by penis is starting to suck in my clothes. I think I have reverse ejaculation
by Captain Klamydia January 19, 2009
The act of refrigerating asian sperm, then putting said sperm in your roomate's mouth while he is sleeping.
"Aw man, my mouth is cold and tastes funny, I think James micro-scripulated me."
by Captain Klamydia January 18, 2009

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