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6 definitions by Captain Benjamin

Describes when someone or something is a severe bitch or pain the ass. It can also be used to express misfortune or anger like damn or fuck, or as a random vulgar adjective that serves no purpose but to add crudeness to a sentence.
"This knee injury is such a shit ass bitch."

"What the shit ass bitch are you doing on Friday night?"

"Awwwww, shit ass bitch!"
by Captain Benjamin April 18, 2007
26 2
A word that evolved from boob or bewb similar to the way t-hot did from tit. The word still holds onto a bit more of its original meaning than t-hot does, however.
Dude, stop being such a b-hab!
by Captain Benjamin September 11, 2006
9 4
A slightly more inane relative of "weltschmerz" - usually used as an exclamation to express disappointment or unhappiness.
"I can't make it out to see you pitch your big baseball game tomorrow, I'm sorry."

"Aw, poopschmerz. :( "
by Captain Benjamin April 17, 2008
2 1
A number of other similarly retarded things.
"Steve enjoys throwing up on himself, drinking lead paint, etceteretarded."
by Captain Benjamin April 17, 2008
4 3
A douchebag who spends upwards of 20 dollars getting his hair cut. The haircut is not a glam metal kind of style, but more of a contrived "messy" and extremely lame kind of style.
"Hey, how much do you think that Goo Goo Dolls assclown spends on his hair?"
"I dunno, but what a salon boy."

"Hey look, a salon boy!"
"Yeah, let's beat the everloving crap out of him!"

"Hey look, another salon boy!"
"Yeah, let's beat him to death in the road in front of his mom and then blind her!"
by Captain Benjamin May 29, 2007
8 8
A degeneration of the word tit. Now officially means nothing. See also b-hab. Often belted out loudly in a similar fashion (but not quite the same) as "Hey Abbott!" Apparently also used as a variable in certain types of engineering.
Ow! Dayumn Gina, that hurt like t-hots!!
by Captain Benjamin September 11, 2006
27 120