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Originally used to describe the character Marvin in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books and radio plays. Marvin was a robot with emotions, namely: depression. His sorrowful life was your good time!

It was also a hit song by Radiohead on their third album, OK Computer. Both the name of the album, the song name and a line of the lyrics of the song are taken from Hitchhiker's Guide.
Marvin's most well-known line was "Life...don't talk to me about life"

The line in Radiohead - Paranoid Android that was a tribute to HHGTTG was "When I am king, you will be first against the wall"
by CannedLizard August 26, 2004
Shorter and less religious word for Christmas.
What did you get me for chrimbo?
by CannedLizard December 10, 2003
A video game, produced in 2000 by introversion software, an english (see England) company. It is a game about hacking (see hack and hacker) in the year 2010. While not realistic to "real" hacking, it is similar to "movie" hacking.

It is a breakthrough in modern games on the PC, because it was made though so-called "bedroom programming".
I was playing Uplink and I got caught; so I had to hack the GCD (Global Criminal Database) to clear my record and get a new job.
by CannedLizard December 23, 2003
Software or video game programmed by amateur coders, who program for the love of it, not for making money for publishers.
Uplink is one of the best modern bedroom programming games.
by CannedLizard December 23, 2003
1) Perverse Sexual Lust (often for a cartoon or comic character)

2) Pouring Saliva Largely
1) I think I'm getting some PSL for Joyce from It's Walky. Wiigii]!

2) Woah, PSL. Why are you wearing a superhero leotard?
by CannedLizard March 16, 2005
Not actually slang for anything sexual...but it sounds like it should be, shouldn't it?

Bastardization of knackered. Sounds like knocked up.
1: I hear you were up all night last night...
2: Yeah, I was getting knockered by my girl

3: "I was knockered, then I was right knackered"

4: Knockered isn't sexual slang for anything, but it SHOULD be.

5: I'm already knackered enough as it is.
6: Knackered? Surely you mean KNOCKERED!
by CannedLizard February 10, 2004

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