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A video game, produced in 2000 by introversion software, an english (see England) company. It is a game about hacking (see hack and hacker) in the year 2010. While not realistic to "real" hacking, it is similar to "movie" hacking.

It is a breakthrough in modern games on the PC, because it was made though so-called "bedroom programming".
I was playing Uplink and I got caught; so I had to hack the GCD (Global Criminal Database) to clear my record and get a new job.
by CannedLizard December 23, 2003
An amazing game produced by Introversion Software which allows you to 'hack' into various companies and systems.

Much more user-friendly than most other hacking sims I've played, it's very easy to get into but it takes a lot of work to master.

You can download a free demo on Introversion's website...
Agent name:Data3
Grade:Grade 6 Uplink agent
Neuromancer:Morally Bankrupt
Bank Balance: 250k
I learned some interesting things about computers and programming through Uplink.
by Borg_Queen July 06, 2004
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