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best song ever
BISMILAH NO! we will not let you go
let me goooooooo
by canazza March 30, 2003
Swearword, generally used by b3tans (who reside at b3ta.com)
whadayamean that pic's been done before?! - Oh fucksocks
by Canazza March 30, 2003
Very nice, used by 'del boy' alot
"Luvly jubbly"
by Canazza September 02, 2003
Internet Slang for a looser
"How do you make a text file?"
"What a dogzer"
by Canazza February 28, 2003
to smite the imbeciles of the world wide web
"I canazzaed a newbie today"
"Yep, i told him - 'you have to upload a file before people can see it'"
"What a dogzer"
by Canazza February 28, 2003
what gay lions do instead of roaring
RARGH! I'm a left wing liberal terrorist who believes in facsim!
by Canazza July 23, 2003
1) the act of masturbation
2) seminal fluid
I'm just wazzing
by Canazza February 28, 2003

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