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3 definitions by Cameron the 1337

A state of diarrhea induced by over-consumption of meat.
"Dude, I just ate four double cheeseburgers... Now I have meatarrhea."

"Don't eat too much man, you'll get meatarrhea."
by Cameron the 1337 April 06, 2007
Distilled essence of 1337-ness, usually obtained by grinding up organic matter (such as hair and toenail clippings) discarded by Uber Nerds, like Steve Wozniak. Used to temporarily induce 1337-ness.
Awww damnit, I keep getting killed... Pass me the 1337 Sauce, will ya?
by Cameron the 1337 October 21, 2006
An essay/paper on which you will recieve an F. NOT a test or oral report.
Incorrect: I just wrote a doofer.

Correct: I just sqeezed out a doofer.

Correct: I just plopped a doofer on the teacher's desk.
by Cameron the 1337 December 12, 2005