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The mouth: because its a big hole into which you are able to shove pies.
Shut your pie hole when you're eating!!
by CamelKid February 28, 2010
1) An elongated version of "thing" or "thingy" that you use when you have forgetten the name of the object you are looking for.

2) An alternative name for the TV remote.
1) "Can you help me find my thingymajiggy?"

2) "Dude, find the thingymajiggy and change the channel."
by CamelKid February 27, 2010
Literally means "the 'laugh out louds.'" Basically a retarded way of saying "the laughs."
Comedians say jokes for the monies, but mainly for teh lolz.
by CamelKid February 27, 2010
A word commonly used in childrens comic books that means "stop it."
Bob is hitting Mike
Mike: Dude, getoffoutofit!
by CamelKid February 27, 2010
A word commonly used to replace an expletive.
What the bob?!?!

Oh, bob!!

How the bob...?

Holy bob!!
by camelkid February 12, 2010

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