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When one loads up a car, for instance a 4-door sedan with 5 seats, so that there is a minimum of 8 people in the car. The more the Mexi-er.
"Eight of us mexi packed Jaden's Volvo."
by Calvin April 25, 2005
Fine Auto makers from Japan.
Also created:
The winningest rallycar in the world, the Mitsubishi 4g63t powered Evolution series I-VIII
The Galant Vr-4 (awd, aws, also 4g63t powered)
The Mirage (Evo's nasty little brother)
CaLviN kikz arse in his one of a kind Mitsubishi Evo VI conversion.
Chicks dig the Mitsu's..
by CaLviN May 07, 2003
a p2p program for macintosh computers.
I just got the entire first season of Trailer Park Boys off Acquisition!
by calvin April 18, 2005
A phrase meaning all of the above, which can be heard in two popular instances:

1.) The movie Friday, where Chris Tucker pops his head into Ice Cube's window while ripping his curtain

2.) Chappelle's show, where wayne brady yells it at a character before gunning him down
(Ice Cube is getting his clothes ready when Smokey busts into the window)
Cube: Man! Look what you did to the curtain!

(Wayne Brady and Dave Chappelle are riding in a car when suddenly Wayne spots someone outside)

Wayne: Ah ha...there he is...



(Wayne proceeds to bust a cap)
by Calvin May 21, 2004
the best fucking city on the face of the earth. the home of the leafs, the only politically incorrect hockey team in the nhl. 37 years is ending this seasons guys! the cup is coming back home.
yo! tdot's got stanley this year boys!!
by Calvin April 05, 2004
Another meaning for nigguh :-)
Shiiet dat nikuh was krunk da funk up!
by CaLviN May 07, 2003
young woman of gipsy/council house origin
big earings and little pikey boots
mostly predominant in maidstone kent area
by calvin May 02, 2003

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