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32 definitions by Calvin

to stroke your penis till it becomes a fountain of white liquid at the same time moaning like after a maraton
I stroke my hard cock till i cum all over my bed

when the door open my dad caught me masturbating
by Calvin April 05, 2005
that skin from yer ass to ya nut
dude glen has a booroo like 3 feet long
by Calvin August 27, 2003
Stokes Per Minute

See masturbate
See handjob
I can stroke my penis at 350 STM.

My girlfriend gives my a handjob at 650 STM.
by Calvin August 16, 2004
The pieces of lint that hang of the hair of your grundle
shit i got a lot of dingle berries down there
by Calvin November 12, 2003
also spoken in redneckus:
Techno yeehaw!
by CaLviN May 07, 2003
Someone who doesn't make every 6 month visit to the dentist.
YO!@# Calvin is a gap tooth ho, yo.
by Calvin January 04, 2003
to laugh in an abrupt or uncontrolable manner.
friend 1: *explodes*
friend 2: stop exploding all over yourself.
by Calvin March 28, 2005