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An euphemism for masturbation.
P1: "Dude, you've been in the shower for like a whole hour. you better not be maekin battle plans in there."

P2: "Dude! Chill, I'm just washing my hair."

by Caleb McIntosh November 18, 2008
Words that when typed in T9 may be written as a word not intended.

Also pronounced "T9onym"

A Tennonym for "Jordan" is "Korean"
A Tennonym for "Caleb" is "Baked"

"Dude, my girlfriend is so bad at texting. Her text's are so full of tennonyms."
by Caleb McIntosh November 09, 2008
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An expression of exasperation, usually used when another party in a conversation cannot comprehend plain English.

P1: "Ok, so she said that you like her"

P2: "She likes you?"

P1: "Dude, ltr"
by Caleb McIntosh November 13, 2008
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