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3 definitions by Calculon

DEEP fucking growling vokills- sick wicked fast blast beatz up your ass cant keep up, brutally grinding shredding throat ripping guitar riffs *will make yer cunt bleed*
This death metal bands drummer has the fucking sickest blast beatz d00d! Yeah...thats cool lets go drink sum 40oz's
by Calculon May 04, 2006
Thick, luscious, THC crystal covered. Stiny, dank, heavy, killer.
D00d! This fucking ganja bud is totally fucking dank, its killer...one hitter quitter shit.
by Calculon May 04, 2006
Skin can be used a short name for a skinhead racist bonehead fuck.
Look at that dumbass skin, he has a Swastika tattoo
by Calculon May 04, 2006