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A meeting of high class gentlemen in the nude.
I would most adore debating the practical use of the semi-colon, but alas, I have an in at Beauford's Pickle Party.
by calciumdust November 19, 2008
Opposite of new fame, someone that simply hangs around their famous relatives and becomes famous without any real talent.
Paris Hilton has no talent! She's old fame.
by Calciumdust April 02, 2008
Drinking any manner of alcoholic beverage from one of those mini-bottles.
Hey I'm going dwinking with some of my friends, you wanna come?
by Calciumdust May 07, 2009
Someone that has risen and become famous not because of relations to other famous, people but actual talent.
Marilyn Monroe is true new fame.
by Calciumdust April 02, 2008
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