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The correct spelling of the word 'windmill', according to it's typical pronunciation.

This variant of the word is commonly used by those of the Pacific Northwest and Puget Sound regions, whose accents are considered to be "very neutral" to most Americans and Canadians.

The Northwest's accent is one of the closest living accents to conservative General American English.

It lacks the Northern Cities Vowel Shift, and does not participate as strongly in the California Vowel Shift, or the Canadian raising as do other regional accents.

Because of its lack of any distinguishing vowel shift, the accent is very similar to and hard to distinguish from conservative speakers in other dialect regions especially the Northern Midlands, California, and the praries.
STEPHANIE: I'm from Holland
LACEY: is that where they have those giant fans?
STEPHANIE: yes, they're called windmeals.
LACEY: sav
by caitlin Perry March 22, 2007
verb trans. rare

1. To make something overimaginative or fantastic.

2. To do a fantastic job masturbating.
1. BOBBY: I do not think I have fantasticated these accounts.

2. BOBBY: hey Suzie Q...
SUZIE: yeah Bobby?
BOBBY: last night I thought about you naked, so I decided to fantasticate.
SUZIE: oh...
by caitlin Perry January 11, 2008
A saying used to describe a person who cheated on their significant other. The said person, 'went to Rome'.
TAYLOR: Hey Peet, why aren't your parents together anymore?
PEET: Because my mom went to Rome.
by caitlin Perry January 13, 2008
1. The plural form of the word platypus;
A semiaquatic egg-laying mammal that frequents lakes and streams in eastern Australia. It has a sensitive pliable bill shaped like that of a duck, webbed feet with venomous spurs, and dense fur.

2. Frequently used term to describe a group of "bitches".
CAITLIN: I don't hang out with those girls anymore, they were bitches.
NATHAN: Fo' REALZ, what a posse o' platypussies!
by caitlin Perry June 11, 2008
The spoken abbreviation for the word: abbreviations.

Abreevs are typically ones used between close friends, and they can vary from school to school or by cities, or even states.
iPod = pod
cuddle = cud
decent = dec

NATHAN = I told Leah we should listen to my pod, then I realized she has no idea what that means.
CAITLIN= You probably shouldn't use our abreevs on her.
by caitlin Perry June 15, 2009
Something that exists only in the mind of Wades.
CONNOR: when he went back to the car, the meat had turned into maggots!!!
SMART PEOPLE: no...Connor, that doesn't make sense.
CONNOR: shut your MOUTH! i'm asking my dad!
DAD: Connor, i'm on your side, 100% because you're always right. Meat maggots...makes sense to me, because I'm a Wade.
NATHAN'S SMART MOM: The flies lay their eggs in the meat.
CONNOR: *speechless*
by Caitlin Perry January 04, 2007
An adjective used to describe something that is awesome or the best.
The cake.
The Ultimate.
The ish.
CAITLIN: I saw Anchorman this weekend, what about you?
CONNOR: I went to Tenacious D, AND Rock Supernova.
CAITLIN: oh wow, that takes the daddy hat.
by caitlin Perry February 24, 2007
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