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The joint; tight off the chains...really good
Ay young dem shoes is the ish!
by MickeyT March 17, 2004
Slang for "the shit." Possibly derived from censored music where the word "shit" was reversed and sounds like "ish." Now, people often self-censor and use the word "ish" in conversations where traditional cursing is frowned upon.
This new song is the ish, son.
That catch in the 4th quarter was the ish.
Your Mom's Sour Diesel wax is the ish, yo!
#the shit #real shit #the real deal #sheeeit #top quality
by RadioFamoso August 29, 2013
A way to shorten and more easily pronounce the ridiculously long name for the city of Sammamish; located in western Washington on a plateau.
How are things in the ish?
#sammamish #eastlake high school #plateau #safeway #saffron
by Kayteigh October 31, 2006
Acronym for The "Information Super-Highway." Preferred internet synonym among savvy international people everywhere.
Swati was a total chapter 'til she got all up on the ISH, though now she thinks she all high funda.
#internet #the web #www #swati #a series of tubes #ish #information super highway
by Bat Masterson April 09, 2007
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