12 definitions by Cactuar

The act of spraying someone in the face with a fire extinguisher
*I`ll snuff ye out by god!*
by Cactuar May 05, 2003
a boat that tugs.
]*+-_^:. wELcoMe to #netsplit Cactuar hOw mAy i Be oF aaSiTenCE? | IF you aRE a TUGBOAT, NO ASSISETNEC MAY ASSITED. SaVe the yETTIS
by Cactuar November 20, 2003
The act of `Lopping` around.
The act of a 97 Accord`s backend lowering while the frount raises during acceleration.
Yea, Jake`s car sure IS loppy isent it?
by Cactuar May 05, 2003
A guy who while in the act of anal intercourse gets defecated on.
Kim Dillon shit on Travis Harrisons dick.
by Cactuar May 05, 2003
Short for Ok thanks bye. Usually used to signafy to a llama that he is being an asshat.
You are a llama, kthxbye.
by Cactuar December 21, 2002
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