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have fun
by caca November 04, 2002
mujer bonita
by caca September 17, 2003
A Privateer in the army
Sergeant:How tall r u Maggot
Private:5 foot 9 sir
Sgt:Oh I didnt know they stacked shit that high!
by Caca March 01, 2005
A Fag Instead of an Italian Mobster Fattoni This word
What a little fucking Fagtoni Walking in little high water pants
by Caca February 28, 2005
To Breathe things up your nose
What that Chick is doing When you cant find a word on the shop picture to the right

P.S shes hot
by Caca March 01, 2005
Some stupid girl that I went to a gifted program summer thing with ten years ago. I only saw her once on the playground and she said "Duh What Time is It" and it was so fucking funny. She was a 'tard.
she sucks cock good though, fo' a reta'd!
by Caca October 08, 2003
(shee-sho) Ave rapaz de cerca de metro y medio de envergadura, con el cuello desnudo y jorobado. EL pico en forma de garfio lo hace un especie muy rara en el planeta. Relacionada con las bestias y especies raras en este mundo como Mangay.
Ejemplo: 1. - Mira, me salió un chicho! 2. - Wuahhhhhh!
by caca May 06, 2005

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