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Delta Fan Rage. See: Delta Fan Rage
"There are some DFR incidents being posted on Delta's forum."
by Cabji June 20, 2004

Said of anything that has connotations of being homosexual, bisexual or transsexual.
"That new show Channel 10 are advertising is gay/bi/trans."
"The new Moccona ad is gay/bi/trans"
by Cabji September 27, 2003
adj. noun - pron: fuk-rupt
1. To be bankrupt.
2. Specifically, the "Bankrupt" on Wheel of Fortune.
1. Vodafone sent a sms about "premium charges" and Slu reckons they suck everyone in with their good deals, then smash the prices up and everyone goes fuckrupt.
2. "Oh and what's it going to beeeeeeee!!!?! Oh! Come onnnnnn! OOOOHHHHH! Well that's a Fuckrupt and your entire cash total is gone! So unlucky since this is the tail end of the final round! But don't worry! THERE'S STILL TIME!"
by Cabji January 31, 2005

Comic Book Guy
There were two CBGs arguing about whether Goku's eyes are blue or aqua on this DragonBall Z forum.
by Cabji March 01, 2004
The process of discovering and regularly using urban dictionary.
Mum and Dad have undergone some serious urbanization in the past few weeks.
by Cabji November 13, 2005

new; recent; fresh. (The Budget Macquarie Dictionary, 1999 Reprint)
Describes anything that is in demand and is popular. You say the word from the back of your throat while breathing out through your nose.
1. Linux become HOTT in Hong Kong.
2. 104.7 Hott FM.
by Cabji September 28, 2003

1. A business venture which one spends vast amounts of money on, and recieves no returns from it.
2. An object or item which one spends a lot of money on, especially if the item or object does not serve its purpose correctly.
1. "Ron poured 40 grand into a donkey of his and now he's crying poor."
"I bought this 16 inch thermo-fan for my Datsun but it doesn't fit. I think it's a donkey."
"What did it cost you?"
"Not willing to tell."
by Cabji September 27, 2003

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