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To introduce someone to or provide a link to Urban Dictionary.
I'm going to urbanize mother.
by Cabji November 13, 2005

To be extremely excited/interested at/in something. So much so that one's face cannot hide a happy, joyous or excited expression.
Person A: "What's that you've got?"
Person B: "A new DVD player."
Person A: "Hey?! Let me see it!"
Person B: "Ahah! He's all colonel's burger at it hey?!"
by Cabji September 27, 2003
nup - (1) interjection (2)adjective:

1. Negative, no, to convey disagreeance.
2. Gives the subject a bad characteristic, feeling or appearance.
In the case of (2) this is a contextual word, ie: the use of the words around it define the exact meaning of nup.

"You're nup" - The person you are saying this to is in some way undesirable, or is saying/performing/has performed something undesirable.
"Nup. This is nup." - Use of both word types is achieved here. The first occurance (1) showing disagreeance to something, followed by (2) to show that "this" is "nup" or undesirable.
by Cabji August 03, 2003
(adjectival abbreviation)

Short for gay/bi/trans.
See gay/bi/trans.
That Warren guy from the Virgin mobile ads is g/b/t
by Cabji November 07, 2003
A large, stinky log of crap.
'snap off a steamy cable' - to take a crap
"I'm gonna go snap off a steamy cable."
by Cabji September 28, 2003
A penis after intaking enough capsaicin, the chemical that makes chili hot. This condition is similar in effect to ring of fire, except that it is far more intense and therefore painful.

Characteristics include:
- Initial inability to piss, it is difficult to get some flow going.
- Extreme internal burning sensation of the penis down the urethra.
- Wishing you hadn't started to piss.
- Realizing you have to get it all out in one hit and bearing the pain.

How to get magical fire wand:
Eat some habanero chilies.
We went ot Cactus Jack's last night and got the Suicidal Salsa. This morning we had magical fire wands.
by Cabji January 24, 2005
Past tense of niggarize.
"Hey I know this song. No wait! It's been niggarized man!"
by Cabji January 27, 2005

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