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Any male who goes shirtless in public events such as concerts or parties. Usually drunk. Most often wearing inappropriate shorts or cut offs. Varying styles of facial hair and is always tanned or sunburned. Most often seen with a mullet. Always a complete fucktard.
We were all having a good time watching the band until that shirtless wonder showed up and started hollering and dancing in front of the stage.
by Cabe April 29, 2005
A hilarious word play on the Spanish Explorer Balboa.

A long shit curled twice around the bowl with the head poised to strike.
Oh my god grandma! Come look atthe size of this bowel boa I just released in the bowl!
by Cabe April 29, 2005
A bowel movement that starts solid then suddenly explodes towards the end in a loud rapport of less solid or liquid feces.
I was mortified when my silent shit became a trick cigar while my date was outside the door of the bathroom.
by Cabe April 29, 2005
More than an ass-kisser. A real butt-suck!
Condi Rice is a real Butt-suck!
by Cabe April 29, 2005
can cackle a gladdis at 50 yards
by Cabe April 28, 2003
A shirtless wonder wearing tennis shoes and no socks with a mullet and farmer tan. When angered throws unopened cans of Bud Dry tall boys at you but is so drunk they mearly hit the ground 10 ft in front of him and skid under a stage or other object you may be sitting on.
"Nice throw fucko."
by Cabe April 29, 2005
Normal state for a Tech. Generally regarded by the IT community at large as a good thing.

"I dont work, I'm in IT"
I'm getting paid to slack off at work all day.

IRC is great, it allows me to look like I am working when I am really slacking like a pro
by Cabe June 18, 2003

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