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Criollo Mexican kids who come from priviledged economic backgrounds (rich & upper-middle class). Because of their parents money, they think they are better than everyone else. They tend to dress in metrosexual fashions, wearing such clothing brands as Abercrombie, Hollister, American Eagle, Calvin Klein, Nautica, Ralph Lauren, Roxy, Express, Aeropostale, Gap, Banana Republic, etc. They love to drive around in German cars, preferabily Volkswagen Golf's or Jetta's. The make every effort to look down upon other Mexicans as ignorant peasants who lack any education whatsoever. Ironically, they hate to study and work hard, so mommy & daddy buy them their grades while they party & fuck around. They make fun of Americans, yet they pretend to be edgy punk rock skaters or valley girls. These pricks will begin enjoying the discotheque lifestyles at 13 years of age because their parents get them fake IDs and enjoy going to such places like Tangaloo or Monte Picacho. These creatures tend to reside in such geographical regions such as the Eastside of Chula Vista (Bonita, Eastlake, Otay Ranch), maybe La Jolla, and any other place you would find snobbish Mexican brats who look down at you like you are scum.
Those damn sociales are the biggest assholes in Mexican society.
by Cab_Zapata January 11, 2008
A bullshit high school located in the eastern portion of Chula Vista, California in San Diego County. The school is surrounded by an upper middle class suburb. It is supposed to be one of the best high schools academically. Many of the students who attend this school are considered "posers", "wannabees", & "sociales" who lack any street cred and bite off the Bay Area's "Hyphy" scene. The students at this school volunteer their homes for scandolous house parties with bullshit party crews where desperate horny 21+ putos party with little underage teenage girls & post their videos on You Tube so everyone can let them know how full of shit they are. These putos also tend to pay for overpriced clothing brands such as G-Unit, Roc-a-Fella, Sean John, Famous Stars & Straps, Vans, DC, Volcom, etc. and wear everything 3 sizes bigger so they can look all hardcore when in fact, they look more like a bunch of minstrels who enforce bad stereotypes upon African-American & Mexicans, while setting them back 50 years in progress. Every kid & their momma has an I-Phone, a Sidekick, and an Ipod because they are fuckin spoiled. It is also known for its scandolous reputation such as the "Nymphomanicas" who were an unofficial school club who initiated their members by having them engage in a threesome with two members of the opposite sex, drinking a 40, & sporting tattoos with the letters - "NFL" which stood for "Nymphos For Life". Academically, the school has developed a bad rep for having a shitty administration, including having 2 shitty principals (the previous one an asshole - "El Superman" & the current one a pussy who lacks the balls to do his job). They swear they are so "ghetto" & "cool" when they are softer than a Hallmark Card and stupid assholes like "Johnny Gayon" sit next to you in class.
Eastlake High School is just a giant facade.
by Cab_Zapata January 18, 2008
A upper-middle class community on the eastside of Chula Vista, California. This community is a rival of the Eastlake neighborhood, but both are mirror images of each other in terms of the type of people that live there. There's more diversity there that in West Chula Vista where being Mexican does not make you stand out. There are many priviledged Mexican families and their children can be classified as "sociales" or "socials", "fresas", or "cremillas" (Spanish slang for kids are considered "cream of the crop") that party in Tijuana's Plaza Rio district with fake IDs at the age of 13, already drinking & so fourth. About half those kids are full of apathy & prefer to gossip about irrelevant bullshit that wastes their time when they can actually do something more productive in life. There are also many posers who think they are "gangsta", but they're really "wankstas" & "minstrels". They do have the best all-round school south of the Interstate 8, with the highest test scores.
Rancho Del Rey is the most suburban place in Chula Vista, so no one can ever have any street cred, ever.
by Cab_Zapata February 26, 2008
The Asshole Capital of the world. Once a nice place, now just full of human locusts who make the world worse than it already is.
Mar Vista High School is located in the cesspool known as Imperial Beach, California.
by Cab_Zapata January 10, 2008
City in the southern part of San Diego. All the pendejos in the area want to rep SD, but they are not from San Diego, so stop reppin' San Diego. The westside is full of non-creative, lazy-arrogant idiots who do nothing but lower property taxes and prefer to act like locusts instead of having goals in life & being civilized. No one there has an real street cred. They are all wannabees who make dickies & Air Force Ones annoying. The Eastside is nicer, but full of "fresas", "cremillas", & "sociales" who think wearing Abercrombie & Bitch, Hollister, & Polo make them better than everyone else while they party in TJ with their fake ass IDs at Tangaloo or Monte Picacho. Eastlake is full of minstrels who can't even where clothes that fit them.
Chula Vista is not part of the city of San Diego & we should all be so thankful.
by Cab_Zapata January 10, 2008

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