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Mar Vista High is a school located in Imperial Beach,California (South of San Diego)it's a chill school of course every school has its diverse clicks socials(which are really deep)punks,lil cholio/as tryin to make a name for themselfs the teachers are firme too.You must must be really anti-social not to like this school like the lonely lame wrting masa.Congrats class of '11!
At the bell game/Social: 'No mames guey que chafas los raiders!'Cholo:'Simon!it's all about the Mar Vista High Marniers homes!'
by Chicana93 August 13, 2011
a fucken gay ass school in Imperial Beach San Diego , has fucken lame ass teachers that want to rape their students, wannabe ravers, cholos (a) ,SOCIALS, fucken weirdos that go there & the security is so wack ass
mar vista high sucks my ass
by Fuckk_LoVe| August 24, 2010

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