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the practice of having sex over ventrilo voicechat
Lisa gave me ventsechs last week for like 3 hours.
by cassius September 06, 2003
1)reference to male genetalia
2)something in large proportion
3)receiving something bad

Its a funny ass word.
1)his man gave him that dompa last night
2)why would you get hit with the dompa?
3)i heard she caught the dompa
by CaSSiuS April 23, 2005
a person with an exceesive amount of body hair, mainly in the chest area. this person tends to think they have a nice body and may take there shirt off with no notice, beware of this and be prepared to run and puke.
oh great, here comes the carpet again
yo Carpet button your shirt up, i think i'm gonna puke
Yo Carpet, Shave that shit im gettin a friction-burn just looking at you
by Cassius February 18, 2005
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