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3 definitions by CHRISNXR

-someone who interferes with flirting behavior, or questions a player for his actions tward the opposite sex.
Mellisa, I hope you know he's honestly just trying to get in your pants, period. / What were you talking about with Jen over there? You don't know anything about her!
by CHRISNXR March 11, 2004
an organization that wastes perfectly good tallented and dedicated people by telling them lies about "OPPORTUNITY". they should be ashamed of themselves for picking up on people that are "OPEN MINDED". This must be a synenim for "stupid" in target executive language. If so, they are sadly mistaken.
"your stupid enough, er, I ment, dedicated enough to meet our goals today I see".
by CHRISNXR March 15, 2004
a place where you get to be served by mongoloids and a mannager who only says, "NO"
"No, I won't put bacon on your burger, it does not come with bacon." "No, you cannot park here." "No, I'm not trying to bother you sir." "No, I can do that."
by chrisnxr May 09, 2004