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3 definitions by CHRIS C

Often used in Martial art combat, it is an sudden exhale of breath used to give you extra power, and make you look and sound cool.
"Hey dude, thats my women!

"WHAT? Hiyah!!!!!! *jumps in the air and kicks him in the teeth*"
by Chris C February 19, 2004
same definition as liter-a-cola but with "litre" spelled correctly and with "o" standing for "of" replacing "a".
ya, and I'll also get a litre-o-cola
by Chris C July 12, 2004
A definitive yet publicly appropriate way of saying a situation is or was messed up. --- See cluster f*ck
John exclaims to Suzy, "The traffic sure was a wakkachukka today!"
by Chris C September 08, 2003