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1. Acronym standing for Cum-filled-vag.

2. A desirable outcome to a night with the boyfriend.

3. A good birthday gift for your female friends.
"Yo man, what did you do for your anniversary last night?"
"I totally gave her a CFV like never before."
#cum #vag #vagina #pussy #juicy vag
by CFV November 07, 2007
The master of the vag (pronounced vadge, aka, vagina).

Typically female, the vagmaster controls all entry into and actions within the vag. In rare cases, a pimp may assume control of entry into the vag area, becoming a monetary vagmaster, for a nominal fee to the biological vagmaster. Both parties benefit from monetary gain.
"So have you gotten laid yet?"
"No way man, she's one prude-ass vagmaster."
#vag #vagina #vagmaster #pussy #prude
by CFV November 07, 2007
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