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Don't make any fucking plans, ok!?!
On the side of the box it said:"May cause drowsiness"
by C4PROOF August 19, 2003
bad case of diahrrea, often looking more like dysenterie
Man , I'm never eating there again.As soon as I got home last night it gave me the Spanish splatter.
by C4PROOF August 19, 2003
verb: to tittywhack
noun: a tittywhack

to bitchslap a tit with your cock (either slapping one at a time or hitting both at the same time depending on the size of your organ)
Oh honey, I'm gonna tittywhack you like never before.
Mam, that man just tittywhacked me while he promised me candy.
by C4PROOF August 20, 2003
1) going deep on any given subject.
2) anally profound.
1) Oh no, let's not start asspelonking over that same old thing again , now shall we...
2) The doctor had to investigate him rectally and it sure looked asspelonking!
by C4PROOF August 19, 2003
the natural tendency towards a depression
Fat people tend to suffer harder under the effects of gravity than thin people.
by C4PROOF August 19, 2003
1) plain bitter
2) extremely dislikeable
3) off-scale
1) ...man, that cheese tasted "zerp"...
2) ...man, that shit is somewhere inbetween "zerp" and "sour"...
3) ...captain, all my needles are going totally "zerp"...
by C4PROOF August 19, 2003
the act of paying tribute to any female organ.
Thank you for your contribution.
We'll add your term to the dictionary within 24 hours.
by C4PROOF August 19, 2003
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