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It is what you get if you have slept with over 30 women.DDD
Man i bet that guy has a bad case of the Dirty Dick Disease.
My friend has some bad DDD
by C MART October 14, 2005
When you acomplish something and you want to look cool afterwards you say " Cant Phase"
How do you like that shit, Cant phase.
I just dunked on your face " cant phase"
by C MART October 05, 2005
The yuppy version of Get R Dun. Made up on the way to branson, By some kick ass students from Republic, MO
Hey Eric, schedule your agenda.
Jeff has really got his agenda scheduled.
by C MART October 05, 2005
To throw a saltine cracker at someone to try to inflict harm.

Man, Jeff just cracker starred me!
The room was in a mess form all the cracker stars.
by C MART October 14, 2005
A condom that people give out in South Padre at the clubs. They are really slimey. They smell minty.

Mint tingle is the perfect after dinner breathe mint.
by C MART October 07, 2005
(n) to make long voyages to get trim or beer, and having a handicap or even a cast on your leg (bootjack)!
Man! Did you get some trim with that bootjack on!
Eric bootjacked it, all the way across the beach to get some strange.
by C MART September 29, 2005
A bike cop, that hides in bushes and alley-ways looking for completely innocent students, and gives them MIP's etc.
Did you see that bike ninja tackle Eric a while ago.

Yea that ninja needs a stick poked through his spokes.
by C MART October 05, 2005

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