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Of someone insincere and two-faced.
"Don't tell her anything - she's as false as forty arseholes."
by ButtoxGalore January 21, 2008
Rudie expletive for getting things out of your system.
"Shitbuggeryfuck, this chilli packs a punch..."
by ButtoxGalore January 23, 2008
Another example of ethnic diversity in suburban England.
Dreary daytime TV show watched by bored charity-committee women craving passion from a plumber and a sexy alter ego called Clarice with skull tattoos and a nipple ring below the lace collar.
'...welcome to PIMP MY TWINSET! Today we will be investigating clitoral swab art and pimping up the twinsets of Patricia Routledge, Princess Anne and Dame Judi Dench...'
by ButtoxGalore January 21, 2008
An unkempt, overgrown feral ginger minge, when approached from behind. Advise you take a machete. From the flamboyant side whiskers of singer from 70s band Slade.
"...worse than Noddy Holder's sideburns..."
A man promised a Brazilian invades a rainforest.
by ButtoxGalore January 21, 2008
The term used in the surgeon's logbook to describe the sort of smeggy excretion produced by all the members of HMS Port Royal after they were all entertained by the same lady in a Port in Jamaica over a three-day period. Widely recognised as an excuse for having no quinine left.
'...Jan 21, 1653. The men are all up against the trots and the penile curd, although the hammocks preclude any buttock-ranging infestations...' Naval Surgeon, HMS Gallant
by ButtoxGalore January 21, 2008

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