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short for dookie; poop; waste; stool
"i really have to take a dook, lets go home."
by Buns McFarty April 28, 2005
to urinate; see whiz
frickin' a! i felt it trinkling down my leggin...
by Buns McFarty May 12, 2005
no real definition, say it when mad
"I stepped in dook....frickin' A!!"
by Buns McFarty April 28, 2005
to put something on your hood to prove it is true; say when wanting to prove something that you know is true; for use in an argument
"on my hood i got the new j's!"
by Buns McFarty May 11, 2005
leg; upper or lower.
"i would go, but my leggins are killing me."
by Buns McFarty May 15, 2005

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