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3 definitions by BugsyTK

Being so drunk that anything seems ok, even analsex. It is relevant for both males and females. (As males can be as drunk too.)
Brian: Damn, Marte was so drunk last night that she agreed to have analsex.
Dave: Its great when your girl is Anal-drunk.
by BugsyTK January 02, 2007
50 3
The distinct feeling of seeing food you have engulfed before.
Brian: Wait a minute, i've seen this meatball before!
Chris: Seems like a typical Deja food.
by BugsyTK January 02, 2007
18 6
The sensation that occurs when a male person gets a venereal disease.
John cried loudly because of his penisfire.
by BugsyTK January 02, 2007
12 2